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Friday, October 21, 2005

shout out to girls at the gym

To the women I see doing biceps curls and shoulder press with 5-pound dumbells and never going any heavier: you're wasting your time, girlfriends.

Here's the deal: you're stronger than that. Resistance training requires progressive overload of the muscle fibers or it doesn't do much for you.

What that means is that you have to push harder than the stage you're already at.

That means you need to select a weight that is somewhat difficult for you to pick up, and pick it up several times, until the muscle is pretty irritated with you. Rest, repeat. Do that 3-4 times per exercise, 3-5 exercises per body part, preferably not all on the same day, 1-2 times per week.

You can already lift 5-pounds and carry it without a problem, probably for hours. Here are a few things that weigh more than 5-pounds:

  • a bag of groceries (usually)
  • most cute little dogs that you might want to put in a designer Pucci bag and carry around
  • the vacuum cleaner
  • a stack of 3 or 4 books
  • a gallon bottle of water
  • probably your gym bag
  • most possibly your purse
  • a baby

Get the picture? You've gotta step it up a notch or you might as well stay home and do wrist curls with the remote. I promise you won't get big. I'm no Mindi O'Brien, but I am pretty built for a chick. You may find my level of muscularity not to your aesthetic preference - that's just fine. I promise, you won't get delts, pecs or traps like mine unless you work out with heavy weights 4 or 5 days per week, really know what you're doing (or hire a trainer), and happen to be a mesomorph.

To all you women in the 'boy's room' of the gym who are pushing yourself to be stronger and healthier, whether that means you start your workout with 5-pound dumbells or 40s: I love your spirit!

From part-time bodybuilders to Olympic sprinters, from full-time mothers to CEOs, from chefs to spiritual leaders - STRONG WOMEN ROCK!

(in the gym and out)

(my man thinks so, too)


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