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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

and now a word from our sponsor

Like most days, I did some laundry one day a couple of weeks ago (when does the laundry breed? I'm going to sit and watch one day to find out). I schlepped it up the stairs and dumped the baskets of warm sheets and clothes in the bedroom. When I came up a couple of hours later to go to bed, I found the piglet curled up as tiny as she could, in one of the laundry baskets. She's looking at me like: you weren't planning to make me move, were you (asshole)?

Hmmm, can I tie this into food and fitness somehow . . . . . ? Nope, not this early in the morning. But I do gather a lot of inspiration from this puppy of mine. She is so close to her own nature, nothing gets in the way. Here are a few of the lessons she's given me:
  1. Food is good, but playtime is even better.
  2. My body is like a hot sportscar, and I can't wait to take it out for a whirl.
  3. Guilt? Is that like how I'm supposed to feel when I know I wasn't supposed to get on the counter and eat the cheese but do it anyhow because it's cheeeeesey-licious? Hmmmm . . . did you say cheese?
  4. Exercise? What's exercise? I want to RUN!
  5. There are some foods that are worth a tummy ache, and some that aren't.

Hmmm . . . many more, I'm sure, but it's time for COFFEE!


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