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Monday, September 26, 2005

building a foundation

It's shocking to me how many people I meet that allow themselves to be in crippling pain.

I hear some people talk about their knees/shoulder/back/neck/acupuncture/whatever and I just want to cram the business card of every great physician/physical therapist/chiropractor/massage therapist/whatever that I know into their pocket and yell 'GO GET HELP! YOU'RE WORTH IT! HERE - BORROW MY CELL PHONE!'

When I do mention that I might know somebody who can help, it's with trepidation, because almost invariably, they aren't interested.

I've been in pain so bad it was hard to walk. I've had hip pain that finally healed after 12 years, thousands of dollars, many doctors, and a heck of a lot of commitment. I've had elbow tendonitis that hurt so much I cried myself to sleep at night, both with the ache in the flesh and the ache of frustration. I've had such a weak back that an overzealous hug from my man would dislocate a rib and I'd be down for days.

Having been through this, I wonder how anybody could give up when there might be a solution. Do people get attached to their aches and pains? If they healed, would they have to do something bigger with their life? Or is it a lack of empowerment - they've been told that their body is going to fall apart and there's nothing they can do? Do they not think they're worth it? Do they prefer being in pain to doing the work necessary to heal (because you can get help, but ultimately most of the work is on your end)? Or are they going through something that I can't see, and one day they'll wake up ready to start to heal? What's up?

And, believe me, I don't let myself off the hook. The physical plane is only one aspect of this equation. I've likely got pains on other levels that I'm lugging around like an ugly old vinyl suitcase held together with duct tape, and I suspect certain others may wonder why I don't just set that danged suitcase down, it's falling apart anyhow, and I could sure fly faster and further without it.

But I deal mostly in the physical, and here's what I want everybody to know: in most cases, you don't have to hurt forever. There is help available. If your HMO sucks, learn to be assertive. If you need to spend some money on getting better, what better investment is there? If you need to do this on your own, there is a huge amount of information out there, start looking for it. Talk to people. Tell people what's going on.

You are worth it.

You are.


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