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Monday, September 12, 2005

Backing up a step

Some of what I write is serious and has consequence, at least to me. Much of what I write is meant to be humorous. A lot of my writing is just plain silly.

Life is about a lot of things. Humor, fun, frivolity - these are important components of life.

But I want to acknowledge that it feels a little weird to write in a light-hearted vein right now. I mean, what with all the suffering of late.

In thinking about this, and talking to a friend, it occurred to me that there is suffering in the world all of the time. Hurricane or no, terrorism or no, poverty or no - there is always suffering.

Suffering can vary in many ways such as intensity, suddenness, and sheer volume. And when it is happening here in our own country it seems much more shocking than when it is happening in Rwanda. But there hasn't been a time in human history when nobody was suffering a grief. It's the human condition.

I do not mean to negate or belittle suffering. I do not mean that we should not think about it or do something where we can. I am simply saying that it is.

And to get past that condition? I think that's what in some traditions they call enlightenment. It's a great goal, but it's a big time commitment.

The amazing thing is, as I was reminded by a wise woman this Sunday, we are these glorious creatures who can hold many truths in our consciousness at the same time.

So, while there is always suffering in the world, there is also always room for the other aspects of life.

There is room for love, there is room for joy. There is room for frivolity.

There is room for laughter.


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