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Friday, July 15, 2005

Eight days eight days give the girl a cheer hey hey!

Yuppers, I feel pretty proud of myself, sticking with this thing.

I wake up each morning, say to myself "self, I don't know what you're thinking with this giving up coffee thing," then walk downstairs, drink my lemon water, make my green tea, take my herbs, and feel pretty darned good. I am not sure what I miss about coffee, honestly. I'll do some work on that.

Also, I dreamed about French pastry last night. Need to do some work on that too, because pastries do NOT make me feel great at ALL.

Ok, backing up. I had a massage last night, did yoga, took a long hot bath, then fell asleep. Man, I woke up feeling good.

For the record, can I just say that oatmeal with mixed berries, half a banana, a big scoop of almond butter, and a dash of vanilla soymilk is about the best breakfast ever?

I've been having some of my best workouts ever throughout this cleanse, and have been packing on muscle and losing weight. I feel, well, clean. My stomach is flatter, my intestines happier, my energy more even. I've had some rough moments with the grumpy thing as all those toxins work their way out.

The best thing this has done for me is put me back in touch with my body vis a vis food. I set up a certain amount of structure for the cleanse, but I also gave myself a lot of leeway to listen to my body. The structure that I did set up (i.e. no coffee, no sugar, etc.) was put there lovingly in order to help me feel fabulous.

The leeway to listen to my body's needs, something that Christi emphasized out in her fabulous book, has made this cleanse so much more pleasant than past cleanses. When I felt that I needed more protein, I ate a (very good, high quality, lovingly prepared) steak. When I felt starved in the evening, I ate a small meal. When I exercised, I asked my body what kind of movement it wanted to do.

Throughout the cleanse, I've logged what I am eating, how I am moving, and how I am feeling. I generally eat five small meals a day - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, though I added in a snack after dinner twice (notably always on weightlifting days - duh).

My M.O. for the past year or so is to use a handheld planner to keep track of my intake and exercise (I got this for $10 on eBay. Unfortunatly, the tool is no longer being made, though you can buy similar tracking tools for a palm pilot, a desktop computer, or can use the free Web based fitday software).

I like this method, because it allows me to a) track my nutrient intake, so that I can be sure I'm getting, say, enough protein or fiber or whatever. I like that it frees me up to be 20% "bad" because I have rational, empirical evidence that I'm still doing quite well in terms of total calories, nutrient values, etc. I like that it's sort of a game, making all the numbers work for me. I like getting the big picture via graphs and pie charts and such. I like tracking my progress. I like making progress.

But sometimes it can a) start to feel like a ball and chain and b) make caring for my body more of a head game, and, as such, I feel less intimately, physically involved with each decision about what to eat, how to move, etc. Less embodied.

The great thing is that I no longer feel that I have to have a forever solution. I can log food for awhile, use a planning tool for awhile, try other things for awhile. I love that I have given myself permission to be flexible about this.

Go me!


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