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Sunday, July 17, 2005

days 9 and 10

Wowza - it's over! This weekend I had class both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I woke up at 4am full of ideas from a coaching session the prior day, and got up to writewritewritewrite. I took off for class at 8am, and realized that I'd forgotten my carefully packed lunch and snacks (cherries, tabouli, sprouted almonds, sprout salad). In a fit of reasonable-ness that was quite out of character, I decided I wasn't supposed to have that stuff for lunch and shrugged it off. I walked to Trader Joe's and bought some nuts and a salad with the rest of the class, which turned out to be a fun bonding experience. After class, Husband and I hiked up a small mountain, then came home, dumped all the clean clothes from the bed into a basked and fell asleep like logs.

I woke up this morning at 6 full of energy, studied and wrote for a bit, went to class. I brought my lunch this time, but didn't feel like eating it. Once again I walked to TJ's with the group and bought greek yogurt, ginger granola, and a salad. After class I was still very hungry. I decided that the cleanse was about over - my body was asking for FOOD.

Since the clease wasn't that restrictive, I didn't have to worry so much about shocking my body. So I did what I wanted to do: we went to barbque, then came home and had a most delicious bowl of dark chocolate soy ice cream with walnuts. And you know what? I am a tad full, but I feel GOOD. I feel GREAT. I feel like I don't need bbq and ice cream for some time to come. That is a good feeling. It felt really good to have a really yummy meal tonight that had nothing to do with left-brained "what is good for me based on this chart" and everything to do with what I wanted on a primal, childlike level.

Tomorrow and beyond? Well, I've discovered that I don't really need coffee, and in fact green tea feels better. I also am enjoying using the food log rather than a more structured system for now, and I'll continue that through the end of the month, or as long as it works for me.

I love the light feeling I had during the cleanse. I did get used to the cheeeeewwwwwiiiing my food slowly, which is fabulous for my digestion.

And I learned a new way of cleansing, one that's easier on my spirit and my body than the restrictive cleanses of my past. It's something I could even do once a month for a couple of days, or for longer once a season. It feels great and is easy.


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