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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 3: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Hi all - it's day 3 of my cleanse. Here's the update:

The good
I have lots of energy and strength, and my workouts haven't slowed down at all. If anything I feel more like working out. Ran three miles this morning, then stretched for 1/2 hour (I highly recommend the stretching book written by these two guys, by the way - I'll write more on it later, but it's seriously given me a new body). My sugar cravings are all but gone. I'm enjoying eating more simply - in fact, it's nice not to think so much about food, since I'm not really cooking most of my meals, just eating whole foods. I have had no coffee withdrawal headaches. While I miss my old friend coffee, the green tea gives me a much milder, more even wake-up, less of a spike, less harshness.

The bad
This chewing thing is hard for me. I've discovered that while I love food, I don't much like the process of eating, except under certain circumstances like a really really good restaurant - or in general any great food with great company. Or great food when I'm alone, when I'm totally in love with my life.

That's good news, actually, as it reminds me of what I can work for more of in my life. Lushness. When I went to Park City and stayed at the fabulous Stein Ericksen for my life coach training, I lost 2 pounds in 3 days, eating whatever I wanted (and it stayed off, it wasn't just water weight). It was about loving my life, fully being in my element - it changed my mindset enough that a) I probably was less hungry and b) I sincerely believe my body chemistry changed. I was a different person, and a lighter one. It didn't hurt to have turn-down service and a maid clean my room daily. But I digress.

The ugly
Man, I've had some foul moods today. GRUMP-Y. Not all the time, just off and on. Things keep coming up, as if I'm also cleansing my emotional palette - stuff that pissed me off long ago, or that didn't feel good and I just figured out why. Interesting. Also probably healthy.

Well, stay tuned for day four!


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