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Thursday, April 14, 2005

What the bleep does "release" mean?

Is it just me, living in Southern California, or is there a lot of use of the word "release" as in "release old patterns" in our jargon lately? Sounds lovely, and I use it too, but what does it mean?

I am certainly not at the end of my training on this one, but I see it this way. When you make a change in your life, you work hard to change habits and you create the results you want and it's good. But, without releasing the cause of the problem, that problem bubbles up somewhere else. Like pushing down on a bubble under plastic, the pressure of pushing down causes another bubble to rise.

Solving the underlying cause, I think, is a matter of several things. One, finding it. Two, exploring it. Three, feeling it. Four, releasing it. Something simple could take all of a day or two, something complex may take years and a psychotherapist. No shame in that.

For me, somatic therapies have worked well with the last (release) step. Which is to say, working through things with my actual body. Yelling, punching, even screaming. Also more sedate forms of somatic release such as yoga, massage, bioenergetic exercises.

Release is that part of the process after which, when you think about the situation or pattern that used to cause pain, you go "oh, that doesn't really hurt anymore" or "oh, I haven't done that thing in months and I don't miss it!"

I'll write on examples in future posts.

What's your take on what "release" means?


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