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Monday, April 11, 2005

Mama got a big ol' bag

My gym bag is a black backpack. In the smallest compartment is my lock and gym membership card. The other small compartment has an emergency packet of Speed Gel and my Mp3 player. The big compartment has clothes, shoes, a towel, a JumpStretch band and my cosmetics bag.

My cosmetics bag is one of those amazing multi-pocketed yet compact things that opens up to hang on the shower pole. It contains bottles of my favorite shampoo and conditioner. A wide-toothed comb. A tiny bottle of spray gel. A razor. Deodorant. Moisturizer for my face. Moisturizer for my body. Makeup.

When I get home from work in the evening, the first thing I do (after dumping off the lunch leftovers in the kitchen, dropping my purse on the table, and saying HI to the dog) is remove the sweaty gym clothes from my gym bag, repack it, and put it next to my purse to take with me the next day. It takes all of about 3 minutes.

I didn't used to be this organized. I used to shuffle around in the morning yawning and swearing, trying to pull together everything I would need for a trip to the gym. I didn't want to have multiples of things, so I would grab my shampoo from the shower or go without face moisturizer. I occasionally forgot something important like underwear or a hairbrush.

Guess what? I didn't get to the gym nearly as often, and it was a lot more effort. My gym bag system works for me for two reasons: it's an organized, habitual system and I love the stuff in it. I enjoy my showers at the gym when I know I have my favorite shampoo and moisturizer. It's a little treat.

One of the first steps towards meeting any goal is to organize your life so that your habits and routines support that goal. Getting organized is a huge transformational tool.

What's in your gym bag?


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