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Sunday, April 24, 2005

I have a body, yet I am not my body

We've said that as a contemplation in yoga class. Is it true? At some point in my life I sort of started feeling like a brain with a body attached. Now I feel like my body is more foundationally me than my brain is, sometimes. At what level is my consciousness integrated with my very cellular structure, and at what level does it exist even as my body changes and eventually dies? I don't know right now.

I can say this, the physical body, MY physical body, is a powerful tool for consciousness. I know this when I do yoga and release all sorts of gook and tension. I know this when I make choices that are good for myself (e.g. exercise, eat well, rest) and see these changes mirrored in my work, my relationships, etc.

Steve Pavlina has a great post on starting with your body to change your life. His style is very direct, and I like the way he breaks it down. Your thinking is clearer when you take care of your body. Your relationships, concentration, focus, ambition, will improve. The physical results will rebound into your self-esteem, your life.

Plus, if your back doesn't hurt, you'll have more energy for other things.


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